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An Introduction to Business Administration

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A bachelor’s degree in business administration is a great investment in your future success. It shows employers that you have the foundation needed for leadership positions. It broadens your horizons and prepares you to enter the most competitive market of our time. There is a great demand for people with a business administration degree today. The world is more competitive than ever, and there are fewer places for people with BAs to seek employment. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, it is a great credential to have.

Business administration covers many areas of management activity. BBA graduates have the ability to enter management positions at every level, from CEO of a company to an account manager for a hedge fund. With a BBA degree, you may also be able to rise through the ranks of management and become an executive coach or consultant. You will learn about finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, and other areas of strategic management through an extensive curriculum.

When you study business administration, you will receive a solid education in the core business operations that support a thriving company. You will learn how to improve business operations through cost-cutting measures and strategic management planning. You will learn how to recruit top employees and keep them by understanding and implementing effective personnel policies and practices.

To complete your BBA degree, you will need to take a number of general business administration courses. These include core subjects such as management theory, management practice, decision making, financial management, and accounting. You can choose to enroll in more than one major subject combination, which will enable you to specialize in areas of your choice.

What if I am not enrolled in a BBA program? Students who are not in BBA programs but wish to pursue a career in business administration can earn an associate’s degree in the same subject. Many community colleges also offer these associate degrees. In addition, students who plan on entering the workforce after graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration should consider pursuing at least an associate’s with a concentration in finance. This is an excellent way to fulfill your state requirements before applying for an MBA. The higher earning potential you’ll have with an MBA also makes it well worth the additional tuition.

Is there a program specifically designed for business administration graduates? A few business schools do offer a number of specific programs specifically tailored to their degree graduates. Some examples of these types of programs are MBA programs for finance graduates, business administration master’s for managers, and a special master’s program for managers.

What about the job outlook for graduates with an associate’s degree in business administration? Jobs in business administration are expected to grow faster than average over the next few years. Graduates with this credential are more likely to have higher starting salaries and to make more money than graduates with other majors. They’re also more likely to find work in government or charitable agencies. Business professionals with advanced degrees are also more likely to be hired on to executive positions within large corporations.

It’s possible to complete the required coursework and earn an associate’s degree in business administration from a traditional campus or a university online. You will need to decide which type of learning environment is best suited to your needs. Most traditional campuses have limited options when it comes to student settings, and they may not offer the flexibility of studying at home. Online learning environments provide the best educational opportunities for those who want flexibility and are already committed to their career.

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