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Assistive Technology – A New Age of Technology

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Assistive Technology is a specialized system of equipment that assists people with impairments or other limitations. People with various impairments may benefit from this technology. Assistive Technology can be used in conjunction with other types of technology, such as audio aids, visual aids, speech therapy and tactile aids. It can also provide additional sensory information, such as voice-overs.

Disability is a broad term that encompasses many factors. Many people think that just having a disability is a disability. However, most disabilities are not a disabling impairment. In other words, disability only means that a person is impaired physically, mentally, or emotionally. A disability could also mean that someone has an impairment of some kind that they can’t do without.

For example, if someone has a physical disability such as arthritis, then their disability is usually classified as arthritis, even if it doesn’t restrict them from doing their job. Some people may need to wear a hearing aid, but that doesn’t necessarily make them deaf. Similarly, some people may need to wear a wheelchair, but that does not mean they can’t use a laptop or wheelchair.

There are many different kinds of disabilities and they are also a wide variety of disorders. There are also many different kinds of handicaps. A handicap is a disability that makes it impossible for a person to do certain tasks.

Handicap or disability can be permanent or temporary. Physical disabilities are usually the result of injury or illness and permanent disabilities usually happen over time. Temporary handicaps, on the other hand, are usually caused by accidents or illnesses, but can happen suddenly for an unknown reason.

Some disabilities can help people live a much more independent life. This can include things like mobility aids for wheelchairs, hearing aids, and other devices for the eyes. Some people will need help to use the bathroom because of physical difficulties with their bodies. Other people might need to use a wheelchair because of medical conditions that they have.

There are many different technologies that can be used for a wide range of needs. Some types of technologies may provide more assistance than others.

Sometimes a person will need the use of an audible system to help them communicate with a doctor or caretaker. Sometimes the person will need a speaker for auditory assistance in order to be able to speak with their loved ones. Sometimes a person will need to use a camera, like a video recorder for video or still pictures. Sometimes a person will have to wear gloves so they do not have to speak with their hands. Sometimes a person will need to have a video display so they don’t have to speak with their fingers.

Other types of technological assistance can be used to help people navigate their environment. For example, a person might need to walk with a cane so that they don’t have to bend down as often or reach as far to reach items. Many people with diabetes use this type of assistance because they can find their way around their home more easily.

There are many more types of technological advancements that can be made. Some of these innovations are still in the research phase and many of these innovations are still being implemented.

Technology is only limited by the ability of a person to envision the way things can be done. There are a lot of ways that help can be provided for those who need it the most. Some people just need a hearing aid to hear what they have to say, but there are also other people who need a wheelchair to get around better.

Technology helps us to be much more independent and live more active lives. This allows us to move from one place to another, to perform some of our daily activities without assistance.

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