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Experience Superior Sound Quality With DTS Wireless Speakers

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From the iTunes App Store. Definitive Technology creates high quality, high-performance whole-house wireless sound systems for both iPhones and iPads, with the iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, and the new Apple iPod Touch. Using DTS’s latest revolutionary Play-Fi(R) technology, you now can stream your music from your iTunes library right to the Apple Wireless Collection Speakers attached to your stereo system with the help of your iPhone. The DTS Play-Fi system also includes a high-powered speaker dock and universal plug adaptor so you don’t need a special cable or adapter to bring the Play-Fi technology into your home.

With the DTS Apple Wireless Collection Speaker, you don’t have to plug any wires into your home’s outlets or to any wall outlets at all. Simply attach your speakers to any wall outlet and start enjoying your music in your room. The DTS Play-Fi system also comes with a wireless router that connects to your home’s internet connection and sends all your wireless speakers to your home network.

For both the iPhone and the iPad, the DTS Play-Fi Speakers comes with a high-powered subwoofer that features a high-grade magnet motor. With the subwoofer, you’ll enjoy the bass and high frequencies with an incredible sense of realism.

A DTS wireless sound system also offers an easy way to upgrade your music library. Simply download a new song and play it in the system while it automatically loads a new song list. This ensures you always have music ready to play in any case and in any room. The DTS Play-Fi system can even transfer your iPod’s songs directly to the DTS wireless speaker when you insert the speakers into your iPod.

The high-quality sound is delivered by a digitally-processed analog signal processor and a digitally-processed amplifier. With the DTS Play-Fi system, you’ll enjoy high-quality sound wherever you go and anytime you want it. Whether you’re listening to music on the subway, at work, in the car, or on your plane flight, your music will be crystal clear and crisp and clean, just as it should be.

The DTS Play-Fi speaker system has many features to make sure you experience a complete home theater experience. Its innovative Digital Signal Processor (DSP) allows you to control sound channels and subwoofer effects with a single button. without any cables or adapters. You can also adjust the subwoofer’s volume using your finger.

With the DTS Play-Fi system, you’re able to connect to your Home Theater System through Wi-Fi, which provides a secure connection that supports Wifi direct. with no other cables required.

With the DTS Play-Fi wireless speaker, the possibilities for an ultimate sound system are endless. Whether you’re listening to music, movies, DJing, or any other type of audio, the DTS wireless speaker will give you the best sound quality and sound system possible.

In addition to the Digital Signal Processor (DSP), the DTS Play-Fi wireless speaker also has four HDMI inputs and one USB port so you can hook up your DVD/VCR player or iPhone to take full advantage of this revolutionary sound system. The DTS Play-Fi speaker is so compact and portable it fits perfectly into a small purse, pocket, briefcase, or backpack. It is also a great solution for travelers because it comes with a travel adapter.

The DTS Play-Fi wireless speaker is the ultimate home entertainment system. Whether you’re listening to music, movies, DJing, or any other type of audio, the DTS Play-Fi speaker will give you the best sound quality and sound system possible. These wireless speakers are so flexible that you can use them anywhere, and at any time. No wires! No wires or cables!

So whether you’re listening to your favorite music, watching your favorite movies, or dancing the night away on your home theatre system, you will have an amazing experience with the DTS Play-Fi wireless speaker. The DTS Play-Fi Wireless speaker delivers exceptional sound quality and sound system performance.

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