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Some Qualities That Business Managers Should Possess

by gbaf mag

A manager is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as “one who organizes or manages the affairs of a firm or other organization”. The dictionary definition of manager does not give a person a lot of options in the role that he/she can play. To the dictionary a manager can be a president or a director, a vice-president, or a secretary to a director, etc. And to understand what a manager is all about, you need to look inside out.

When you get inside a manager’s world, it can either be a very congenial environment or a very stifling one. In a highly congenial environment, a manager will do his best to make things run smoothly. A manager will try his best to make sure that the business he is managing will be profitable. A manager may be involved in a variety of activities so that he/she may keep track of all the activities of his/her organization. With regard to this, business managers work in an environment that they love.

On the other hand, business managers work in an environment that they dread. This is mainly because they do not enjoy the day-to-day activities related to their job and since they know that they cannot get involved in those activities, they tend to dread them. Managers can only manage a business if he/she has excellent written and verbal communication skills. This is because writing and verbal communication skills are the means by which a manager can communicate with his/her employees. Business managers should have excellent written and verbal communication skills in order to effectively lead his/her employees.

Moreover, a manager should also possess good leadership qualities. Leaders are usually able to control their businesses, even if their own businesses are in decline. Leaders also need to know how to motivate their employees and how to delegate various business functions. These functions include hiring and firing employees, creating business plans, developing marketing strategies, and planning company budgets. A good business manager will also be capable of effectively handling various business affairs during the course of his/her employment.

As a part of his/her training, managers should also get extensive training regarding leadership. There are various kinds of leadership styles including autocratic, bureaucratic, and democratic. The most important characteristic that all managers should possess is the ability to acquire self-confidence and the ability to become a team player.

In addition, business managers should also possess good decision-making skills since they will be responsible for supervising the overall performance of his/her employer. All business managers must have excellent decision-making skills because this is one skill that will help them oversee day-to-day operations. Managers should also be capable of understanding all aspects of the organization. Business managers should be capable of determining the company’s goals and the direction it should take, and they should be able to lead his/her organization in the manner that will bring it closer to achieving its goals.

Besides, business managers should possess excellent communication skills and they should be excellent communicators. Communication is related to managerial skills since managers are supposed to communicate with their subordinates and with other external parties as well. Good communication skills can help managers make the correct decisions in accordance with the requirements of their employers. Aside from that, good managers are also able to control the flow of information in an organization. A manager may effectively communicate with other people in the organization if he/she is capable of effectively conveying the message.

Other than being the ones who supervise day-to-day operations, a manager also has the responsibility of leading his/her staff in the right direction. Leadership involves having organizational vision, establishing goals, and fostering interpersonal relationships among staff. If the manager is capable of leading his staff in the direction of its goals, then he/she will be considered as a leader. If you are planning to be a manager in the future, these are the qualities that you need to posses so that you will be capable of leading your staff and fulfilling your bosses’ expectations.

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