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55% of employees were against the implementation of project management software within their company

by jcp

UK, 7th July 2021- Research from the leading B2B software review website revealed that the majority of employees were against the implementation of project management software.

GetApp’s most recent survey of over 1,000 managers, decision-makers and SME owners has revealed that despite the proven benefits project management software brings to businesses, more than half of employees opposed the implementation of PM software.

55% of employees were against the adoption of project management software in their company. One quarter of employees (25%) believed that PM software would give them too much work and would therefore not be worth it. Following this, 14% didn’t see the value of it, closely followed by the 11% that didn’t want to have to learn how to use a new tool and 5% that didn’t find it user-friendly.

Of the 15% of business leaders that stated to not be interested in incorporating project management software, the main argument as to why (at 31%) was due to them not feeling familiar with what it is and what it could do for their business. The second most common response was due to budget issues at 27% and following that was the lack of need for the software at 22%.

However, besides this, over half (56%) of the companies surveyed use at least one or more project management software to organise their time, resources and better plan tasks. Of this proportion, 72% of managers believed that by investing in project management tools, it would help improve collaboration within their teams. Moreover, despite employees’ opposition, once invested, 79% of managers confirmed that it helped them meet their goals, and 73% found the software beneficial or very beneficial when it comes to supporting their employees through remote working. Additionally, 79% claimed to be willing to pay up to £50 per user per month.

Sectors that incorporate project management tools the most, at almost half (47%) are companies working in IT, shortly followed by HR (42%) and then healthcare (34%). HR and financial services are the sectors that use more than two tools the most, at 42% and 40%. Likewise, HR and Financial services invested the most in new software during the pandemic at 87% and 67% respectively.

The key challenges associated with the incorporation of project management include not exceeding the budget (33%), being able to comply with the deadlines set (32%) and the quick and effective response to changes that can happen during the course of a project (29%).

Sonia Navarrete, content analyst at GetApp UK, comments:

Project management software proves incremental when it comes to the organisation of tasks and time management. Working remotely has brought about many obstacles for employees regarding collaboration and communication between tasks. However project management software solves these problems and enables for a more integrated and coordinated team.


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