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Choosing a Business Card Holder For Your Office

by gbaf mag

A business card holder is a useful item in the business. It holds numerous business cards, which are meant to be given out at one time or presented to someone. When business networking events are the goal, at least one business card is meant to be presented to each attendee, with a good business card holder aiding you to do just that. At other times your busy schedule requires a bit of organization into your day.

In business, at least one business card holder is expected to be used at all times. At business networking events, you generally collect several business cards from those attending and pass them out to those who need them. At these gatherings you will need a safe way to keep your hands together and a place to keep them together, which is where business card holders come in.

There are many styles and designs available in business card holders. The first thing to decide is what type of material you want. Your options include plastic (oil rubbed bronze or stainless steel), silver (like the original sterling silver or sterling gold), leather (leather on black or brown leather) and fabric (woven cotton, silk or synthetic). Your choice will depend upon the look you want for your business card holder, the price you are willing to pay and what you will be using it for. Besides the material, your choices also include what kind of design you want. You can choose an engraved logo or simply include contact information, like a business or home address.

The first style of business card holder, I will discuss is the slip case. Slip cases hold a large number of business cards. They have several sections where you can easily find business cards. The front flap opens up to reveal a number of interior compartments where you can store your most important cards. They are usually made from leather, and there are several styles of slip case available.

Another type of business card holder is the wallet style. These often come in two styles: the traditional pocket which have a single credit card slot, and the new convertible style, which allow you to add an additional credit card slot to the top flap. In addition, the traditional wallet usually has a coin pocket and a phone pocket as well. In contrast, the newer convertible wallet has a coin pocket with a snap closure. The best business card holders in my opinion are the wallets.

If you prefer luxury pick, you may want to consider a leather business card holder. They are often personalized with a special name or message. They come in a variety of colors and styles including: cognac, burgundy, chestnut, beige, cream, chestnut, gray, and sandstone. Each style varies slightly and you can almost always find one that is close to your personal preference.

The traditional Italian leathers for business card holders are made of cowhide. Many are embellished with ruffles, beads and trinkets. There are also modern styles made of suede, leather and microfiber fabrics. Many Italian business card holders are made of leather and microfiber fabrics, as these are considered to be luxury materials. The best Italian luxury picks include the Fort Belvedere and the Picnic Party Leather Business Card Holder.

For a more affordable alternative, there are numerous budget-friendly options available. They are usually made of cotton canvas, vinyl, or microfiber fabrics. Many are decorated using original business cards. They are available in many colors and styles: brown, black, red, blue, yellow, green, white, purple, and pink. Some can even be personalized with a message. The best budget picks include: the Fendi Business Card Case and the Coach Business Card Holder.

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