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Eco friendly family run pedi-cab business turns one

by jcp

Veluba, the electric assisted 3 wheeled pedi-cab which transports Londoners in a completely safe way, turns one this month. The company, started by husband and wife team Amanda and Keith Hamilton has gone from strength to strength and now also boasts a 5 star rating on Tripadvisor.

The idea for the business came about in 2006 when Keith, (who used to live in South Africa) decided to build himself an electric car. Strapping solar panels to a VW Golf Citi, Keith recognised this prototype wouldn’t make the cut, but sustainable transport would be a winner. Pairing that with his and Amanda’s background in IT and digital signage, they wanted to create a network of mobile ad space and played with ideas of electric assisted mobile digital billboards. Many prototypes later…Veluba was born! It incorporated Keith’s passion for sustainable transport whilst delivering a commercial offering to advertisers.

The innovation continued and the Veluba service was launched in August 2020.

“It makes me so happy to see how far we’ve come, especially during Covid and numerous lockdowns.” says Lew, Operations Manager at Veluba and son of Keith and Amanda, “The partnership with Vox City and pivoting to offer city tours as well as cab journeys, has really put us on the map and enabled us to maximise the amount of people using and seeing Veluba. The great thing about Veluba is that it’s so recognisable; when people see them, they stick in their mind, passers-by often stop and take pics when they see one go past, it’s the ultimate sustainable travel partner and experience. Being seen in a Veluba confirms your commitment to our planet”.

Veluba can be booked via an app, similar to Uber or FreeNow, but not only are they covid safe, insured and good for the planet, Veluba can travel in bus and bicycle lanes meaning you can get places even London Taxis can’t. They are also incredibly cost effective with a journey from Waterloo to Bank costing only £8.50.

The team have worked hard to educate ‘would be’ passengers that Veluba is safe, fully insured, with transparent pricing, unique and fun! They want to work with the Government to license pedicabs and Veluba to be the ‘gold standard’ of the eco-friendly short journey cab and tour provider for London.

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