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Experian partners with Global Data Consortium to bolster international customer identity verification

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70% of businesses struggle to confirm identity without it impacting the customer journey

New solution provides comprehensive package for clients with global customer bases to quickly and efficiently confirm identity

Experian and identity verification provider Global Data Consortium (GDC) have today announced a new partnership which will transform customer onboarding journeys for both international and new-to-country customers.

The agreement enables Experian clients to onboard customers rapidly, as well as strengthening anti-fraud measures and meeting Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance requirements.

By harnessing GDC’s global network of Consortium Members sourced from more than 50 countries around the world, clients are able to leverage their insights in order to accurately confirm the identity of customers who are based abroad. The solution will also assist individuals who are new to a country but are unable to access financial services, such as a bank account, because the financial provider lacks the necessary information to approve the application.

Creating a seamless onboarding process and authenticating a person’s identity is a priority for many businesses. Yet Experian research found 70% struggle to confirm identity without it impacting the customer journey, and 53% only have a ‘medium-level’ of certainty when identifying customers.

By confirming identity quickly and efficiently, businesses can act with confidence they are onboarding legitimate customers, increasing their level of acceptance and boosting revenue and growth.

Micah Willbrand, Managing Director of Identity and Fraud, Experian, said: “With Covid-19 increasing the rate of digital transformation, it’s critical businesses of all shapes and sizes are confident that their customers are who they say they are, and at the same time create as frictionless an experience as possible.

“Working with GDC and their market-leading coverage, our UK and global clients alike will benefit from the ability to onboard and verify customers in a seamless, integrated way. The new solution  gives assurance the individual is genuine and suitable for the products they offer, and ensures a consistent and smoother customer experience, no matter where they are.”

William Spruill, President of Global Data Consortium, said: “We’re extremely excited at the opportunity to partner with Experian and their CrossCore ecosystem.

“The combination of GDC’s local data sources and Experian’s global reach and expertise has been brought to bear in a global-API and will produce compelling outcomes for customers around the world.”

GDC delivers identity verification for global businesses, providing a single access point via its cloud-based platform. Its data sets are based on a myriad of sources, including electoral roll and census information, utility and telecoms data, and credit information.

GDC data will be incorporated into Experian’s CrossCore International Identity Verification service, giving organisations compliance-approved fraud and identity systems in one open based platform.

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