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From a “Girl on Her Own” to one the top PR Firms working with Startups and Tech-Companies in the UK: meet Goho

by wrich

In 2019, Stacey Karlsson, the Anglo-Swedish Girl On Her Own (hence the name “Goho”), decided to start her own boutique PR and Events agency. Just two years on, Goho is now a team of twelve, offering a full range of communication services. PR strategies can now be supported by organic content and paid ads on social media, and events have become hybrid thanks to the lessons learned during the pandemic. This multidisciplinary approach marks ‘The Goho Way’: Genuine, Open, High energy and Original – characteristics that all employees carry individually. 

The agency’s culture applied to a highly skilled and experienced team has already brought results: in early July, Goho was named 34th among the top PR Firms working with startups and tech-companies, in a list curated by TechRound (link here). 

One of the keys to Goho’s success is Stacey’s commitment to make room for diversity and inclusion, whether in the formation of the team, in the search for clients or in the causes and debates that Goho supports and is part of. In this scenario, Goho’s portfolio includes actions for clients of different nationalities (from Colombian to Polish), non-binary and LGBT activists, as well as the team, that is composed of people of different ages, cultures and countries – which, according to her, makes the creative process more fruitful, original and well rounded and teaches everyone a lot during team-building sessions and brainstormings.

Recently, the agency played its part in the #CreativityForGood initiative, powered by Tiktok during the Cannes Lions awards period, which celebrated the platform’s creators while supporting important charities focused on different social causes. As a female-led business, Goho’s choice was to support the Malala Fund, which fights for access to education for girls around the world. In order to generate greater impact, the Goho team has opened its own fundraising for the association, getting donations from friends, family and partners, and celebrated the action at a charity picnic at St. James’s Park, in Central London.

About Goho:

We are Goho, a female lead agency specialising in Marketing and PR. The Founder and Managing Director of Goho, Stacey-Rebekka Karlsson started our boutique agency in March 2019 with just a laptop, and a shed-load of positive energy. 

She literally was the Girl On Her Own (that’s where the name Goho originates), but Goho has grown to become a team of twelve! Goho helps businesses and organisations bring their brand to life. Be it through social media, content or live events, Goho helps them tell their story.

Stacey Karlsson, the founder of Goho says “ Like most companies, Covid-19 made business very difficult for us, but it also forced me to look at things differently, to pivot the business, to look for gaps in the market, and to streamline our services and offering. I haven’t looked back. Goho is going from strength to strength, we now have a really strong team, more clients than we’ve ever had and a waiting list for our services”.

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