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Health and beauty finalist now offering SPMU courses for everyone

by jcp

Lolface based in Newcastle have started their own SPMU (semi permanent makeup) teaching courses which are open to everyone & fully supportive. Lolface are a finalist for Health and Beauty Awards of the Year 2022 and have been recognised for their amazing semi permanent makeup treatments for the last three years, and these courses are well-overdue!

Marie Claire said this year that microblading is one of the most popular ways to get fuller brows – meaning the demand is at its all time highest, with many practitioners being fully booked for weeks ahead of schedule.

The Lolface SPMU course covers everything you need to know to run a successful microblading career and the course is fully insurable and accredited through ABT.

And the course includes a full microblading kit worth £400 and includes all of the tools and equipment you need to get started on 10+ clients. You will also receive full ongoing support from Lauren the founder of Lolface for as long as you need!

Lauren has worked out the maths behind it and has predicted that if you had 10 clients a week (charge £200 per appointment) then we can make £8,000 a month which is incredible in this current climate with COVID.

In the course you will:

  • Learn the fundamental elements of eyebrow microblading and microshading techniques
  • Explore the different techniques and theories used for microblading and microshading
  • Learn all aspects relating to health and safety within microblading and how to be a compliant practitioner
  • Learn the anatomy and physiology relating to the face and skin and how to safely and successfully perform microblading treatments
  • Complete procedure and step by step training with ongoing support for as long as you need it
  • How to support clients with ongoing care for their treatment

Lauren is offering the Lolface SMPU courses at £1,800, but right now are offering a huge saving of £500 for their first two training dates in August/September. This introductory offer will be £1300 for the full course and kit! To find out more about the courses and how to apply, go here: https://www.lolface.co.uk/academy

“XXX” -XXX, Lolface SPMU student

About Lolface & the founder Lauren Moulding

Lolface was founded in 2018 by Lauren Moulding. Lauren worked as a Senior Diagnostic Radiographer for over 7 years within a large teaching hospital the NHS. She was working her way up in the hospital sector but longed to be doing something creative & that’s when she fell in love with semi-permanent makeup and started doing this on the side of her job in healthcare.

She left her healthcare role to pursue microblading full time but went back to healthcare during the pandemic and is still registered on the bank list to work within the healthcare sector. Her background and experience in the healthcare sector helps to build trust and credibility for her clients.

“I absolutely love helping people become their most confident self by supporting them to live their happiest life.” – Lauren, founder of Lolface.

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