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How to Get a Business Loan With Small Business Grants

by gbaf mag

Small businesses are America’s backbone. Without them we wouldn’t be as advanced as we are today. With small business grants we can help our small businesses succeed and grow strong. As the economy gets worse and we as a country becomes more dependent on imported goods, this dependence is only going to continue to grow. Luckily, government grant programs exist that can help us to alleviate some of the financial burden we’re all dealing with these days.

Government grants are basically free monies, offered to help start or expand small businesses, typically through the Small Business Administration (SBA). However, just because a grant is offered free government money, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to receive. It requires a great deal of preparation and research to qualify for a small business grant, and indeed they’re very competitive, meaning that only very specific types of small business grants are ever available. That’s why it’s so important to work hard and smart when applying for government funding.

The SBA is one of many organizations that offer free government money to help start and expand non-profit organizations. Nonprofits commonly need financing for things like advertising and growing their membership lists. The same holds true for community colleges, smaller colleges and technical schools. If you’re a non-profit, you probably already know the kinds of grants that are available to you, but there are also other types of small business grants that organizations may qualify for as well. One very popular grant program that both nonprofits and corporations can apply to is the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Program.

You can find the information you need to find small business grants by searching on the internet. There’s an entire section dedicated to this type of grant funding. There’s also lists of grant sources that you can search by category and/or function. If you’re looking for non-profit startup funding, there’s a whole section of the site devoted to that topic.

Another great resource for startup grants is the US department of commerce. They have an entire division devoted to developing technology in our nation. In fact, the small business grants that they provide are almost always designed to finance start-ups, and not products. But don’t let that discourage you.

The goal of the government grant program is to provide start-up funding, and then help the organization maintain its success by encouraging it to obtain additional funding. Once the organization has obtained steady government funding, they can use that money to further its goals and missions. That’s one of the goals of the grant program. And it’s a good thing that there are small business startups receiving these funds. These grants provide the seed money needed to launch a company, giving them a chance at success.

Don’t overlook the opportunities provided by non-profit organizations in order to obtain small business grants. While the government may not provide funding specifically for this purpose, these organizations often receive funding from other sources. Non-profits can be a great source for funding for smaller businesses in need of additional funding. Look for programs aimed at entrepreneurs with an interest in providing services to the community, as well as those focused on providing food to people who are in need.

As you search for the grant program that best suits your needs, keep in mind that the Small Business Administration even offers a matching program! You can apply for multiple government grant programs that you’ll be matched up with. There are numerous grant opportunities that a small business grants program might provide. Use the resources available online to find the best program for your business loan or debt assistance.

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