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Improving Contingency Planning with Winch Line Cutters

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Engineered by the experts at Allspeeds, winch line cutters are becoming an essential contingency planning tool for all kinds of maritime, offshore and subsea applications. When difficulties arise that may put personnel or a vessel at risk, the powerful cutter immediately severs the fibre rope or steel wire winch line as an invaluable fail safe.

Integrated Steel Wire Winch Cutter

Crane mounted steel wire winches, traction winches and deck mounted winches play an important role in a wide variety of offshore applications. Examples of which include abandonment and recovery, subsea deployments, mooring and lifting. 

The Allspeeds Winch Line Cutter is designed to integrate into the configuration of the winch itself with the ability to cut through even the strongest multistrand offshore steel wire rope.

For more than 30 years, Allspeeds has been designing and developing cutting tools for use in the world’s most challenging and demanding environments. The Allspeeds Winch Line Cutter utilises a guillotine action for fast and effective cutting, severing the wire against the built-in anvil. 

During normal operation, the cutter mouth allows free movement of the steel wire without disrupting or disturbing operations. Upon activation, the cutter slices through the wire in a matter of seconds, safeguarding personnel from potential harm.

Fibre Rope Winch Cutter

A popular choice for lifting, towing and salvage operations, fibre ropes represent a strong and lightweight alternative to conventional steel wire rope. The Allspeeds fibre rope cutter is constructed from high-grade aluminium to minimise the weight of the device, which is mounted on a transverse arm that enables free movement of the rope during normal operations.

Upon activating the cutter, the blade is released from its recess and the fibre rope is severed in seconds against the anvil in the tool. 

Allspeeds fibre rope cutters have already been fitted to the full fleet of Search and Rescue (SAR) Lifeboats of one coastguard organisation, having been recognised as an essential safety feature to protect its personnel and vessels when faced with extreme challenges.

“Demand for winch line cutters is increasing as companies take the opportunity to reduce the risk to their offshore projects,” commented Keith Elliot, Allspeeds Ltd managing director.

“Our cutting technology has advanced to the point that the cutters are now routinely used for contingency planning in many maritime and offshore projects, where its reliability and speed of cut immediately improved crew and vessel safety.”

For more information on the Allspeeds range of steel wire and fibre winch line cutters, call +44 (0)1254 615100, email: info@allspeeds.co.uk, and visit www.allspeeds.co.uk.

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