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Insurtech Getsafe continues its rapid UK expansion by partnering with GoCompare

by gbaf mag

Digital insurance provider Getsafe has teamed up with the market-leading price comparison website GoCompare. This makes Getsafe’s app-based insurance more accessible to the UK market and is a step towards introducing a new level of innovation to the insurance industry in the country.  

Rapidly changing customer lifestyles are reshaping the UK insurance market.  One third of Brits want to take out insurance completely digitally because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The rising interest in digital insurance and flexible insurance contracts is independent of age or gender.   

The Getsafe App empowers customers to take full control of their insurance policies and simply manage them on their smartphones. Getsafe’s customers can simply upgrade or cancel their policies in the app with no additional fees, or file claims via a chatbot. The company is set out to change the relationship between the insurance industry and the customers by offering more transparent and user-oriented services.  

The partnership with GoCompare enables Getsafe to offer greater flexibility to  customers, which is essential for people who rent and may not want a long-term contract. Christian Wiens explained: “The UK is a very important but also a very competitive market. Innovation is what will make us stand out, and that’s what we’re all about. In the 20-35 age group, there is a huge demand for a digital experience for financial services. Despite this, there aren’t many providers that offer this. By working with GoCompare, we want to close this gap in the market.”

This new partnership marks a milestone for Getsafe. With the greater level of exposure in the United Kingdom, the company aims to accelerate the adoption of digital insurance. For a younger generation of customers this is especially significant, as there is a demand for services that are as flexible as their lifestyle. 

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