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Leading wildflower organisation increases capacity to meet strong demand

by jcp

17 November 2021

Leading wildflower organisation, Wildflower Turf Ltd, continues its successful expansion with the recent acquisition of new landholding in Shropshire.

With demand for the company’s products and services at an all-time high, the recently purchased Forge Farm will provide the business with an additional 60,000m2 of production capacity.

The wildflower specialists currently operate from sites in both Hampshire and Yorkshire, and this third production site will further enable Wildflower Turf Ltd to meet growing demand nationwide.

The Shropshire location is well-positioned to deliver wildflower products to Wildflower Turf Ltd’s customer base in the West Midlands and across the rest of the UK.

The new production venue already has the infrastructure in place to commence operations, with the first turf grown at the Forge Farm site expected to be lifted in the summer of 2022.

Production capacity will be increased over time with Forge Farm playing an integral part of Wildflower Turf Ltd’s expansion programme.

James Hewetson-Brown, Founder and Managing Director of Wildflower Turf Ltd, said: “In recent years we have increased our team of passionate experts to support our growth and our expansion to Shropshire is a natural progression. Our acquisition of Forge Farm will ensure we have the increased capacity required and are in a position to respond quickly in response to anticipated business growth.”

He continued, “We are committed to developing and providing innovative and biodiverse wildflower solutions and will continue to announce new initiatives in response to increasing demand for our wildflower products and services.”

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