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Lockdown Affects 40% of Business Owners Sales

by wrich

Coronavirus has affected the way we work in many ways, but whilst we have been working from home, many business owners have noticed disruptions in their sales pitches and meetings. 

In light of this, business connectivity experts, Bionic, have conducted a survey to get to the route of how businesses have been affected whilst working from home. 

Key Findings: 

  • Over 65% of business owners said that their communication with potential customers or clients has been hindered by connectivity issues 
  • 72% of respondents experienced connection issues during lockdown
  • 65% of business owners noticed a change in communication with their potential customers and clients e.g. frequency 
  • Over 40% of business owners felt their sales pitches were affected by poor phone/internet connection.
  • Nearly 50% of business owners recalled that working from home has had an impact on their business goals or plans. 
  • 38% of respondents feel that a good business call is extremely important to the success of their business. 

Connection issues soar during WFH

The survey found that a whopping 72.5% of people surveyed experienced some sort of connection issues during lockdown, whilst a lucky 27.5% experienced no issues at all. 

Yes: 72.5% No: 27.25%

Communication with potential customers and clients have been hindered 

We have all experienced the awkward ‘you’re on mute’ scenario whilst in a zoom meeting, but do clients and customers see the funny side? Over 65% of business owners noticed that there communication with customers has been affected by those annoying connection issues. 

Yes: 65.41% No: 34.59%

Sales pitches been affected whilst WFH

Even though face to face meetings couldn’t happen during strict lockdown restrictions, the show must still go on. With pitching an idea or product, it has been particularly difficult to get clients on board. Over 40% of business owner, when surveyed, felt that their sales pitches weren’t as affected whilst working from home compared to traditionally, meeting with clients.

Yes: 43.9%   No: 56.05%

Business Goals Affected by WFH

When heading up a business, planning in advance is crucial to meet your business goals. During the numerous lockdowns, it was hard to keep up with the ever changing rules and restrictions. Because of this, Bionic asked business owners if they felt that working from home had changed or affected there plans and nearly half agreed that it had. 

Yes: 49.06% No: 50.94%

The Importance of a Business Call

We obviously depend on call systems like Google Meet and Zoom, during the tightest of restrictions. Business owners in particular felt  a good phone connection could be make or break for some sales and pitches. Nearly 40% said they rated the value of a clear and concise business call as very important.

Very Important: 38.33% Fairly Important: 29.1% Important: 22.94%

Not Very Important: 7.15% Not at all Important: 2.48%

Do we have the correct tools now to work from home? 

After over a year of working from home, we asked business owners if they finally feel like they have the correct tools to be able to continue and luckily, 76% feel like they have got to that point. 

Yes: 76.66% No: 23.34%


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