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Magic Sauce Marketing on What your social media says about your business.

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By Richard Fletcher.

Have you ever thought about what your social media presence is saying about your business? In 2020, we’ve all seen how brands have used their social platforms to deftly (or not!) navigate the happenings in both the online and offline world. In the digital realm, going against the grain can paint you as a trailblazer who defies the rules and shakes things up. Or stepping out of line can result in your brand being seen a social-network pariah. The tight rope can be a fine one to walk, so by taking on-board some simple pointers about your online presence, you can get your social media marketing strategy on the correct path towards success.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Other Marketing Efforts

It’s important to always remember that social media is not a replacement for real life networking. It’s true that minimal cost and easy maintenance props social media up as a saviour of the start up and small business alike. The trick is to keep up your other efforts and let your social presence compliment them. It’s all about whetting the appetite of your prospective leads and the social media channel is perfect for this. The first thing someone might do is search for your company online and usually the first thing that will appear are your social profiles. You want them to be the perfect enticement and there are several ways to do this.

Consistent Content is King

Being consistent across all your channels is key to being a professional, polished online force. We’ve all seen companies that didn’t quite get the memo stating that consistency doesn’t rule out adapting your message. This means it’s important to tailor your offering across the various online platforms. What you communicate on LinkedIn will usually sound like the more executive version of your communications on Facebook, less concise than the Twitter post and what goes on Instagram will of course be mostly visual. However these slight adaptations don’t rule out the fact your proposition and brand identity should stay nice and concise. Consistent imagery and branding, including your logo and strapline, should be present to signpost that your multiple social accounts belong to the same company.

Use the Correct Social Media Platforms

Making sure you’re using the right platforms is just as important as the message you put out on them. A crime too many companies find themselves guilty of is setting up more social media accounts than they can manage. Being spread too thin means your message may become diluted and generic as you struggle to tailor content to each medium. What’s worse is actually being able to manage these profiles when you shouldn’t, you don’t want to be wasting your own time and resources, or the social media manager’s that you are paying. Don’t set up a company TikTok if you won’t be using it for anything business related. Companies that are praised for their innovative use of new social platforms are only praised because they are able to reach their target audiences in this way. Take the time to see which platforms are best for your business. Would YouTube content help your prospects engage better? Or perhaps the real-time format of Facebook Live videos will make your pitches seem more authentic and genuine?

People are all about strong visuals especially when they’re endlessly scrolling through the slogs of text on their smart phones. People do not consume and process information in the way they used to so always offer a strong visual element on your social media pages. It’s the first thing that will grasp someone, so it will say a lot about how you operate. If you are using Instagram, try to avoid being generic. People will often be able to tell if a generic image has been thrown on their feed so that an offer link or some other benefit can be attached in the caption. Try to communicate what you have written either visually in an easily digestible info-graphic or in a short video where you have the chance to communicate verbally. It’s people and personal touches like this that your potential leads will remember.

Utilise Social Network Features!

Speaking of personal touches – a clue is in the name, social networks are all about being social. It is useful to spend some time using your platforms focussing on others rather than promoting yourself. Engage with other businesses and consumers alike by sharing their content or just commenting supportive messages. This will position your brand as communicative and collaborative meaning others will see you as easy to reach out to and engage with. That like or comment may just bring your company to the attention of a lead who didn’t even know you existed. As most people see these platforms as social networks rather than marketing machines they then might be more open to what you have to say.

Keeping an eye on some of these important issues when marketing yourself through social media will help you stay true to your businesses purposes. You’ll be able to better communicate to your all important target audience and it will say to people who find themselves looking at your social media pages, that you are informed, organised and up to date within your field. The final ingredient to a social channel that says all these things about you is dedication. Social media is a constantly developing power-up for your marketing strategy. Spend the time getting to know it and it’ll become your business’s best friend, doing work for you while you’re having a day off!

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