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New strengthened People First platform to revolutionise HR and payroll

by maria

People First employs cutting-edge new functionality to transform business resilience, workplace flexibility and people connectivity

MHR International, the HR, payroll and analytics expert, has launched a ground-breaking new version of its acclaimed cloud-based People First platform. The updates to People First fully address an organisation’s entire human capital management (HCM) needs, offering customers the most intuitive, fully integrated, mobile-first HR and payroll platform available on the market. The new version of People First joins a powerful portfolio that includes the already market-leading HR and payroll platform, iTrent.

The solution now deploys innovative employee-centric functionality that streamlines HR and payroll processes to create more connected, resilient and engaged workforces while increasing efficiency and boosting productivity, all in a single, real-time, integrated platform. Built from the ground up using the latest technological advances, People First will transform HR and payroll processes further than ever before by offering:

  • Simplification of time-consuming HR and payroll administrative processes – allowing businesses to improve efficiency, reduce risks and free up teams to drive improved productivity
  • Connection and alignment of dispersed workforces offering more workplace flexibility – delivering greater resilience, better alignment and a more unified culture
  • Empowerment and nurturing of valuable talent – helping boost employee wellbeing and motivation, increase workforce resilience and grow the value of human capital
  • Elimination of HR inefficiency by consolidating HR infrastructure – a truly unified, single platform supporting all HR and payroll needs to deliver lower total cost of ownership
  • Improved data visibility and unlocking of new insights – for faster identification of potential issues or risks and to inform key strategic decisions across the business

People First’s mobile-first approach appeals to the way dispersed and digitally sophisticated modern workforces operate. Geolocation technology, for example, helps map and record mobile workers’ hours and routes, which delivers significant time and cost savings while improving the quality and accuracy of payroll, as the need for physical timesheets and manual data entry is eliminated.

“Our People First platform refines a new concept in workforce engagement that combines technological advances with new thinking about how to make businesses more productive, agile and resilient following a period of great change,” said Anton Roe, MHR International CEO. “It’s designed to unify workforces through enhanced communication and collaboration across organisations, aligning with the global shift towards flexible workplaces.”

Built for rapid implementation and ease of integration with third-party applications, People First offers faster time to value. Automation and streamlining of many admin tasks in recruitment enables HR teams to focus more on attracting the right talent. Using this functionality, MHR itself has saved £700k in HR recruitment agency fees alone over the last 12 months.

“People First unlocks the full potential of organisations in the modern world of cloud-based applications and hybrid workforces,” added Jessica Mills, Chairman of MHR International. “At MHR we provide the right tools to drive transformation in people management and make HR a strategic force.”

John Mills, Group Chairman of MHR Global Holdings said: “With People First we are providing a new paradigm of choice for the future that will continue to propel our growth. Our market-leading combined HR and payroll software is an unbeatable product that provides the right solution whatever our customers’ needs may be.”

For more information on People First visit: https://mhrglobal.com/uk/en/peoplefirst

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