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OnePlan partners with Karantis360 to supply domiciliary care providers with a unique comprehensive care ecosystem

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Software system for person-centered care adds at-home patient monitoring solution to advance its holistic capabilities for the delivery of social care.

London, UK, 25th November, 2020 – Established domiciliary care management software provider, OnePlan is now offering the predictive care solution, Karantis360 as an extension to its current system. This collaboration will empower caregivers to have a complete and continuous overview of their clients’ health and wellbeing, prevent issues from escalating and ensure that no individual is left with unmet care needs.

Karantis360 uses Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to monitor the daily activities of older adults and vulnerable individuals being cared for in their own home or in assisted living facilities. Running on the IBM Cloud, the solution uses IBM’s AI and advanced analytics to identify and learn an individual’s typical behaviour. Through a mobile app, Karantis360 provides caregivers and chosen family members with a complete picture of the wellbeing of the care recipient and alerts them to any abnormalities in daily behaviour which may require immediate safeguarding intervention.

OnePlan uses cutting edge technology for person-centred care. Utilising cloud-based staff rostering and Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) software, it provides a fully comprehensive software system designed to eliminate endless paperwork while retaining compliance. The solution, importantly, gives carers more time to care for their clients, and provides peace of mind to care providers by providing the ability to track the location of their employees.

Currently, there is an urgency to improve the government’s ‘discharge to assess model’ after a report found that many individuals have been left with unmet care needs following discharge from hospital into the community. The synergy between the Karantis360 remote patient monitoring solution and the OnePlan comprehensive software system for caregivers means that vulnerable individuals released into a care setting can be continuously monitored for health deterioration and caregivers can be appropriately alerted.

For example, if an individual has fallen in their home and is unable to get up without assistance, an alert would be sent immediately to begin the correct safeguarding measures, rather than waiting until the carer’s next scheduled appointment (which could be more than 12 hours away). This can help to alleviate any readmission to hospital, and in some cases could mean the difference between life and death for vulnerable and older individuals. The partnership also supports the wellbeing of care staff as they have immediate access to information relevant to each visit. Instead of walking into the unknown, this insight can help each carer prepare for every visit ahead of time as any concerns would have already been detected, without which could previously have had an impact on their own mental health.

Sue Newsome, CEO, OnePlan: “The pressure on domiciliary care workers has never been greater; demands on their time, their efficiency, and even pressures from a budgetary perspective continue to increase. OnePlan’s partnership with Karantis360 means that we’re able to solve some of these challenges either by providing better scope to the services that domiciliary care providers deliver, or by making processes more flexible, agile, and automated. Moreover, by utilising the Karantis360 remote patient monitoring solution, caregivers will now have access to data that will help them to better understand their clients’ care needs. This technology allows for early intervention before an accident or illness reaches a critical level, which previously would often cause much emotional distress for the carer and client.”

Helen Dempster, Founder, Karantis360 adds: “We’re delighted to be partnering with OnePlan to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to the delivery of social care underpinned by innovative technology. Ensuring that no individual is left with unmet care needs is at the heart of both Karantis360’s and OnePlan’s solutions. The ability to harness data in a way that can empower a caregiver to make more informed health decisions for their client is invaluable, and the opportunity to further utilise the data for the wider healthcare ecosystem is the way to transform the social care sector.”

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