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Revealed: The employee benefits on the rise since the start of the pandemic!

by uma


Eight in ten employee’s feel more motivated by a good company benefits package, and according to a new study, these benefits are greatly on the rise since the start of the pandemic.

The study by Easy Offices, looked at areas of what employee benefits were commonly offered in the UK, the most popular since Covid, and those in highest demand- and the results clearly highlight that companies are trying harder than ever to promote employee satisfaction and better mental wellness in doing so.

It was found that since Covid, 79 % of companies are offering free drinks in the office, 76% are offering employee assistance programs, 74% offering paid sick leave, and 48% are offering financial support for those in isolation.

Key Findings:

  • 76% of companies are now offering employee assistance programs since Covid
  • 35% of employees rated virtual mental health counselling as one of the most valuable benefits
  • 34% equally rated mental health insurance, support groups and mindfulness tools as most valuable benefits
  • 82% of employees offer paid bereavement leave
  • 78% now offer training and career development
  • There has been a 22% increase in companies offering physical fitness since the start of the pandemic.

Mental-health workplace benefits are most important to employees

The pandemic took its toll on everyone, especially in regards to mental health, and it comes as no surprise that many people are still feeling the effects. Due to this The study has found that mental health related employee benefits are in highest demand.

These are the wellbeing benefits that are most valuable to employees:

Benefit % employees that rated these benefits as highly valuable
Virtual mental health counselling 35%
Insurance to reduce cost of mental health treatment 34%
Tools to help build mindfulness and resilience 34%
Virtual support groups 34%
Tools for training on how to help others with mental health problems 32%

Since Covid, there has been a noticeable rise in wellness-related benefits, including:

Benefit % companies offering this benefit
Free drinks in the office 79%
Employee assistance programmes 76%
Paid sick leave 74%
Free eye tests 72%
Financial support for those in isolation 48%

The five benefits most commonly offered in the UK include:

Benefit % companies offering this benefit
Paid bereavement leave 82%
Christmas parties 79%
Training and career development 78%
Employee Assistance Programmes 76%
Free drinks in the office 73%

Increasing employee engagement with benefits

A recent YouGov poll reveals that only 57% of employees have been told about the benefit schemes at their work. Even fewer (53%) have been given information on how to access their benefits, and only half know how their benefits could help them.

This points to a crucial way for employers to improve employee engagement and create productive benefits schemes. Beyond just investing in attractive benefits packages, employers need to shout about them and inform their teams of everything on offer in their workplace too.


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