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Supporting your remote workers

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By James Cook https://www.spidergroup.com/

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, people have had to adapt to a new way of running their businesses. With many employees having to adjust to home working, some businesses are looking forward to the lift of restrictions and the return to work.

However, some people have found that they prefer working from their own homes. According to an article from Forbes, Citrix Systems took a survey of 7250 employees in 12 countries and found that 52% of respondents stated that they would prefer a system where they could choose when to work in the office and when to work at home. The BBC have also done a survey looking at 50 of the UK’s biggest employers, where 43 stated they would embrace a mixture of home and office working encouraging their staff to work from home 2 – 3 days a week.

As we are getting used to working from home, there have been more and more advances in technology and solutions to help people be productive, keeping everyone connected while remote working is still in place.

Keep an eye on new developments

It is an employer’s responsibility to keep up to date with the latest developments in tech for supporting remote teams. One thing is for sure, this is an area of technology where developments will be made quickly. Keeping an eye on the development of cloud computing, mobile tools, project management tools and video conferencing is important. Not to mention the need to keep security front of mind.

Security is key

In a world that’s becoming increasingly more digital, the struggle to keep businesses secure rises. Having an effective security and compliance strategy is critical to help prevent security breaches. Two factor authentication, secure password management, and secure file storage are essential.

One piece of technology that has greatly helped people as they work from home is the Windows Virtual Desktop, a cloud computing service that allows employees from various locations to access secure applications and files.

Good technology boosts productivity

A study showed significant cost savings for business in the last year when using cloud computing, and additionally found an increase in productivity. Time saved means efficiency and productivity.

The shift from ‘temporary solution’ to ‘long-term strategy’ is one where tech will be part of the solution for companies who are focused on their business growth. Remote and hybrid is here to stay.

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