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Top five cleaning tips to recover from floods

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By: Bruna Pani, Content Creator at WeBuyAnyHouse

The nation has been battered by flash floods over the past few weeks. While train and tube stations were submerged, many properties were also damaged, leaving householders stumped as to how to start the recovery process. There is more to cleaning up after a flood than just letting your items dry in the sun, so if your home was affected by flooding, here are some tips on how to get back to normal:

1.      Dry everything

The entire household needs to be thoroughly dry and free from any dampness before you can begin cleaning. Double check all surfaces as some may feel dry to the touch, but may still need a few hours or days to dry out completely. Heat and ventilation can help to reduce the chances of mould or mildew growth in the property. If they’re safe to use, speed up the drying process with fans, dehumidifiers or heaters.

2.      Check your insurance policy

Once you have dealt with any immediate hazards, contact your insurers. Check what your policy covers as you might need to contact multiple insurers for both your home and the possessions inside it. Your insurance agent should help you contact contractors, builders, plumbers, electricians and other relevant tradespeople to repair your home.

  1. Bleach it

There are many misconceptions about bleach, but it’s an excellent cleaner and disinfectant that can be used beyond the bathroom. It’s important to use a product such as Parazone Bleach Plus to ensure your house remains germ-free, killing up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria. Germs can also live on surfaces for extended periods of time, so make sure that you do a thorough clean once a week over the coming few weeks.

Mix a small amount of bleach with your regular floor cleaner to tackle tough stains and sanitise your home at the same time. When it comes to all other surfaces, try diluting 200ml bleach with 5 litres of water, and use a damp cloth to wipe down and get rid of germs.

  1. Get your garden back in order

Start by using gloves and ensuring you have the appropriate footwear to protect yourself  from sewage and any broken glass that may be laying outdoors.  Get rid of the buildup of debris, germs and dirt by using a specialist outdoor cleaner such as Jeyes Fluid which eliminates 99.9 per cent of bacteria  in gardens and outdoor spaces. It can be used on a multitude of surfaces, including garden furniture, greenhouses, pathways, driveways and  garden sheds. It can be used for deodorising and cleaning drains, hygienically cleaning pet housing and outdoor tools, and also tackling limescale and rust build-up. Ensure all outdoor drains and gutters are unblocked regularly ahead of any future downpours.

  1. Get rid of the stench

Once the house is looking spick and span, you may still find some lingering sewage smell in the bathroom. To instantly get rid of this stench, use Bloo’s new Fragrance Switch rim block in your toilet. It provides two different scents between flushes to invigorate the senses by releasing a long-lasting fragrance in the bathroom. Follow this with the use of a toilet cleaning gel twice a week to tackle any limescale build up and to deep clean your basin.

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