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Trade body welcomes extension of digital RTW checks

by jcp

26 August 2021

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) has welcomed the delay to in-person Right to Work Checks announced by the Home Office.

Tania Bowers, Legal Counsel and Head of Public Policy at APSCo commented:

“APSCo and its members are pleased that the Home Office has taken on board the feedback shared by ourselves and other representatives of UK employers and have delayed the return to in-person RTW requirements. While we look forward to seeing the results of its longer-term review, we hope that the success of the digital processes over the last 18 months leads to a more appropriate and modern method of managing Right to Work checks.

“Research from the Better Hiring Institute – which Chair of the APSCo Compliance+ Committee, Keith Rosser, is a Director of – shows that at least 40,000 workers were successfully hired during the pandemic via temporary adjusted checks. This highlights that the digital Right to Work checks have been working. And with the UK facing a skills shortage at a time when the Office for National Statistics has reported a record number of job vacancies, ensuring employment regulation is fit for purpose in the modern world of work and doesn’t put UK employers on the back foot, is crucial.

“APSCo will continue to lobby for appropriate changes to RTW checks while the Home Office is considering more permanent amendments.”

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