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UK businesses predict employees will work an average of 2.8 days a week from home in future

by maria

As the debate over whether the five-day office week will ever return, a survey has revealed that UK businesses are planning for employees to work from home on average 2.8 days each week.

Crown Records Management, a national digital transformation expert, has revealed the results of the survey, which asked businesses across the country for their plans on working from home.

It showed:

35% said they expected staff to work three days a week from home in future

15% said four days, 24% two days and only 11% five days

6% said they would end remote working altogether

30% said helping employees work from home is a major driver for digital transformation

On average, businesses believe employees will work 2.8 days a week at home in future

Antony Biondi, Head of ECM at Crown Records Management, said: “There’s a clear message from businesses across the country that remote working is here to stay, with almost all companies planning a hybrid model.

“It doesn’t mean that five-day office weeks are entirely a thing of the past, there will always be some sectors where that remains the preference. But it does show that businesses need to be prepared for a robust and forward-leaning home-working policy in the long term.

“The big concern is that not every business is ready to deliver a seamless system for home workers, which means that accessing data quickly and safely when outside the office is a problem.

“More than 27% said they didn’t consider their business as having ‘gone digital’ yet. So, there is work to be done to put that right.”

When asked about how they felt about the future of working from home, a majority of business decision makers were clear that it is not going away.

47% said it’s here to stay and that people will split their time between home and office in future

27% said it’s here to stay and most people won’t return to the office

26% believe it’s just a trend and sooner or later we’ll all be back in the office.

Antony added: “There were some interesting differences between regions across business sectors.

“For instance, in Wales the average number of days businesses expected employees to work from home in future was higher than the average, at 3.3 days, and in Bristol it was as high as 3.6.

“Similarly, HR departments leaned towards longer periods of home working at 3.3 days, but legal and facilities management businesses estimated 2.6 days.

“The overall picture, however, was that working from home is not just a short-term trend delivered because of the pandemic.

“Businesses were already leaning towards a hybrid model even before Covid-19 arrived, and the last 18 months has accelerated it.

“The important thing is for businesses to analyse why they need digital transformation – and then invest in content management systems and digital solutions which make working from home simpler and safer.”


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