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US knowledge workers want flexibility in the workplace. This new platform gives their employers all the necessary tools to meet the demand.

by jcp

With 1 in 4 Americans set to work remotely by 2025, companies are ditching long-term office leases and offering their employees flexible options.

San Francisco, California, 07/26/21 

A new shift in the workplace is happening, with employees asking for more flexibility about when and where they work. Even though remote work is skyrocketing, the hybrid work model seems to be the most desirable, as 77% of employees say they want to go hybrid moving forward.

For employers, hybrid work brings opportunities: decreasing real estate expenses, meeting the demand of employees, and improving output and productivity.

A San Francisco-based and Techstars NYC-backed startup, Gable, launched the first workspace-as-a-service to empower employees to work from anywhere and provide employers with the tools to manage their distributed workforce and workspaces.

Gable’s platform makes it easy to tap into a network of 150+ hyperlocal, high-quality workspaces located in cities across the US like San Francisco, LA, New York, Austin, Dallas, Washington, Chicago, and others.

But it’s not all the company does. “Our clients need a one-stop-shop solution – and that’s exactly what we provide for them”, said Liza Mash Levin, Gable’s CEO. “Managing these flexible workspaces – how teams use them, how much money the company spends, what’s the employee satisfaction rate – it can be quite complex. That’s why we created our dashboard, to make it easy for companies to see and manage everything in one place”, she said.

Gable’s new dashboard gives companies a whole new level of visibility. Instead of paying for a simple subscription, companies gain insight into their spending based on location and people’s roles, enabling them to save money and increase employee happiness at the same time. Gable brings smarter, more informed decisions and substantial real estate savings and truly enables the future of work.

Employees can see the approved spaces their company has selected, book a seat hassle-free through the Gable app or Slack, see who is coming, invite coworkers, and work together. They don’t have to think about payments – the company pays for all the bookings – and can focus on connecting with each other and amping up their productivity.

Productivity and connection play a key role at Gable, as their dashboard provides detailed insights into usage and capacity, budget breakdown, optimization, and an overview of employees’ satisfaction, productivity, and wellbeing.

Gable already has dozens of enterprise clients who are loving this integrated approach. One of them is Rhino, a distributed company with 200+ employees using Gable in multiple locations. Claire Babbage, the People Operations Manager at Rhino, said that Gable’s platform makes her job easier in many aspects. “It’s not something we had to develop – there’s an app, and we can see everything through it. People join the app, we can see who’s coming to spaces, and the management process is just so easy.”

Earlier this year, Gable graduated from the Techstars NYC 2021 cohort and has already seen growth and traction with companies across the U.S, primarily because of their business model that gives more than just workspace options.

“We’re not just another flexible workspace provider. Our dashboard and the integration of space offering, management, and insights are what sets us apart and what our clients love about using Gable. We provide value for them by bringing complex processes to one place and making them simple and easy”, said Mash Levin.


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