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Workout routine to maintain physical health while working remotely

by maria

No equipment, full-body circuit workout that will help you burn fat and get lean.

Warm up:

Bear Crawls x10

Star Jumps x 10

High Knees – 30 secs

Repeat this circuit twice


Sumo squats


Single leg deadlift (left and right)

Press ups

Skater lunges

Tricep dips

Mountain climbers

Perform each exercise for 45 secs with a 15 sec break before moving to the next exercise. Repeat this 3 times.

Finish with 15 chest to floor burpees

About the Author:

PMAC Fitness (Peter Maciver) is an experienced personal trainer with a strong client base. His celebrity clients include Rochelle & Marvin Humes, Reggie Yates, Kimberly Walsh and more. He has extensive experience in nutrition, boxing, spinning, body conditioning and yoga, which he himself has practiced on a personal level for the last 10 years.

His all-rounded approach to fitness means that a workout is never boring and techniques and skills that are developed in one form of exercise can benefit his clients and himself in another e.g. Yoga enhances his flexibility allowing him to go deeper into squats so there is more range which means better stability in his lower back and knees.

PMac enjoys yoga and originally began it to reverse a repetitive strain injury caused by intensive weight training. After witnessing its transformative effect on the condition of his body he views it as an important workout in any health and fitness regime. It trains the body to become more flexible and therefore more resistant to aches, pains and injury.

PMac is unique in that he trains the majority of his clients outdoors and exercises with them during their personalised fitness programmes. His motto is ‘I would never ask a client to do something which I cannot do myself’. His clients success stories and amazing transformations are testament to his disciplined and positive approach. If you follow him on Instagram (@pmacfitness) you will be no stranger to his uplifting and inspiring messages. Through his motivation and support, his clients and fanbase realise that anything is possible and you can always start your journey to being the best you.

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