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Are Women Business Owners Stifling Their Own Growth? Overcoming The Unconscious Bias Factor

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By: Anjani Amriit– Leadership & Women’s Empowerment Expert

The percentage of women owned businesses has steadily been rising over the past 20 years with an increase of 46%, compared with male owned businesses increasing by significantly less at 27%.  Women now account for over a third, or 34 % of all business operators, yet still fall short of a 50:50 split.

Are women in fact, keeping themselves stuck?  Research indicates that this may be the case.

“According to a study by the SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, women are more predisposed to inaccurate self-perceptions concerning their career progression, rating themselves more negatively than men,” explains Anjani, a re-formed corporate lawyer who is now part of the 34% of women owned businesses, and who has been guiding and mentoring women business owners and leaders across the globe for the last decade.

Women’s Unconscious Bias 

“Women are more likely to underestimate their own abilities and are more reluctant to promote themselves. When it comes to business, the most common block for women is the confidence gap. Regardless of their achievements, women fall short due to their attitude about themselves,” she says.

  • Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is female
  • Women-led companies make up only 23.44% of businesses with a larger employee count
  • UK women owned businesses have more start-ups and closures, and women are more likely to attribute this to ‘personal reasons’ rather than ‘business failure’

These stark statistics leave many wondering why well credentialed women are not getting to the next level in business?  Anjani believes the problem is more subtle and more internal than many might think.

Thread to Fabric’s founder, Felicity Pascoe, was one such statistic. She had reached a point in her career where she felt unfulfilled and was looking for more, but didn’t know where to start. With Anjani’s guidance, she successfully transitioned out of her career and launched her own social impact business. Anjani worked with Felicity to overcome decades of self-sabotaging habits, which saw her successfully launch her brand of ‘Kids clothes that empower women and are kind to the Earth.’

Her dramatic turnaround came in just a few short months following ‘inner technology’ training, which supports women leaders, lawmakers and founders to overthrow their self-sabotaging behaviours and habits and drive greater success and impact from their feminine leadership power.

Felicity credits her ‘inner transformation’ for her business success, enabling her to let go of things she had held onto for decades that were holding her back. She quickly began to feel in control of her emotions, inspired and empowered. Her inner transformation led her business to command the attention of Vogue Magazine before she even launched.

With a passion for purpose-led businesses, Anjani brings a fusion of Eastern and Western psychologies and inner intelligence practices to support her clients’ transformation.

‘Lashes of Change’ founder Tania Jolley, has a similar success story. Exhausted, burned out and blocked in many areas of her life, she was running on high levels of anxiety personally and professionally. She dreamed of starting her own social impact business for over a decade but struggled to find the time, inspiration or motivation. On Anjani’s program, that all changed. Overcoming self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, she began to put her happiness first and found the motivation to pursue her dreams. She became more confident and started believing in herself, her vision and her business. She is currently launching her first designs into the market.

Overcoming gender barriers to business success

“Overcoming gender barriers with external measures is not the solution”, says Anjani. “It’s not a lack of professional networks, male dominated workplaces or even lifestyle choices that holds women back. It’s their own mindset and internal self-defeating rhetoric that is the problem. When these internal barriers are overcome, women become unstoppable.”

How Women Can Stop Self Sabotage

Anjani has advice on 3 ways women in business can overcome their own unconscious negative bias and improve their chances of securing business success:

  • Women need to check themselves when their self-defeating thoughts are triggered. The key signs are a disproportionate lack of self-confidence, self-worth or self promotion.
  • Label the thoughts as not real, to weaken their power.
  • Commit to keeping them in check. Don’t let self-sabotaging thoughts drive your actions.

Anjani Amriit

Leadership & Women’s Empowerment Expert

Anjani Amriit is an Inspirational Speaker, Trainer, Mentor and Author. Founder of ‘A Higher Calling’, Anjani empowers leaders, founders and organisations to become positive role models by giving back to society. Anjani is a firm believer that women are equally as equipped for business than their male counterparts but need new role models of evolved feminine leadership. “We need to redefine what power means for women in leadership and business, by enlightening the next generation of female founders about their feminine leadership power. This is the game changer that will level the playing field”.




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