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Arjun Global Talks About ‘Headspace’ & How Mental Health Is Paramount In The Workplace Post-Covid

by jcp

By: Amol Makol- Recruitment Specialist who wrote this. He works for Arjun Global Recruitment Agency in  London www.arjunglobal.com.


There’s never been a better moment to offer our employees a huge boost in terms of health and happiness.

For many individuals, the past year (and counting) has truly put things into perspective: Our health and happiness must be a priority in order to live a meaningful and happy life.

We are working and working really hard to rebuild after a difficult period, and we understand that our success is dependent on having dedicated, productive, and focused workers that bring their best self to work.

People must first feel their best before they can deliver their best to any work. And as an employer we have a crucial role to play in this.


People want to see a real commitment from us (employer) when it comes to prioritizing employee well-being, rather than token gestures, a complete cultural shift is required.

When we consider that mental illness is on the rise as a result of a year of economic instability, poor health, isolation, and alienation from society, it’s important to see why wellness is on everyone’s mind.

Prior to the pandemic, Deloitte’s Global Millennial Survey 2020 showed that 48 percent of Gen Zs and 44 percent of millennials are nervous or stressed all or most of the time. Imagine what those numbers would look like when we still know that it is not over yet.

People require assistance and, more importantly, expect it from their employer.

Post-pandemic – Road ahead

The world, and especially the world of employment, has irreversibly changed. There’s no turning back now.

People’s attitudes have shifted, as have working habits and expectations.  Employers now have a choice: accept it or fight it as hard as they can.

Of course, there will be employers that aren’t ready for the shift, with leaders who are unwilling to embrace their role in improving things for their employees, but those companies are unlikely to win the talent battle. Businesses of the future, employers of choice, and success stories will be those that recognize their role in making the workplace a better place for everyone. Those who want their people to flourish rather than just endure. They’ll be the firms that people want to work for, do business with, and brag about on social media.

Assisting workers to succeed

As an employer when we fail to prioritize employee health as a top business priority, we endanger not just our employees’ health, but also our brand’s reputation, our ability to retain good employees, and our ability to recruit fresh talent.

Because in today’s society, people discuss – generally online, in front of the entire professional community / across the globe. Supporting our employee’s mental health and well-being improves emotions of trust, loyalty, and commitment, raises morale, promotes engagement and productivity, lowers absenteeism, and puts an end to the negative demands of presenteeism.  In other words, better employee care results in a more productive workforce.

Study shows that In the United Kingdom, one in every four employees indicated they are afraid of repercussions if they disclose their mental health concerns.However, if executives demonstrate their commitment to cultural transformation, the rest of the organisation will follow suit.Employers who care about employees’ individual well-being into their workplaces bring mental health out of the shadows. Employees feel appreciated, recognized, and heard and in the end, that’s all anyone cares about.


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