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Do You Need a Content Strategist?

by gbaf mag

So, you’ve heard the buzz – hiring a content strategist is one of the best ways to increase your internet presence and drive visitors to your site. But you aren’t sure how to find the one who’s right for you. The first place to start is by looking at your own business. What do you have to offer? Do you have a product or service that you know will be in high demand? Do you offer something unique or can you create a solution that others don’t?

When you have answers to both of these questions, you can begin to narrow down your search for the perfect content strategist. If your business is physical, you’re probably well aware of your location and would know what area in that area would see the highest demand for services. Look for a content strategist who offers services in that area. If you are an e-commerce company, look for someone who can help you target prospective customers based on geography.

Is your content strategy search engine optimized? It should be. A content specialist knows how to optimize your content so that it appears where potential customers will look. For example, if you offer medical transcription services, your content must be search engine friendly so that when people are searching for these services they will find you instead of another company who doesn’t have this particular service available.

Are you familiar with social media marketing? Content specialists know all about this newest and highly effective way to get your message out. Many times, content marketing is referred to as “influencers” because what you say online can often be spread around in real time through social networks. This is done by creating content that spark interest in the community or demographic that you are trying to reach. Content specialists can help you reach your audience and keep them engaged in your brand.

Do you have a solid marketing and SEO strategy? Even if you don’t have SEO optimized content on your website, you need to make sure that you are implementing strategies that will attract search engines and keep your site at the top of their list. A content strategist can help you do this. She or he will create a unique and engaging content for your website that will help to build your brand and get you noticed by those who are interested in what you have to offer. Content specialists can also create PPC ads that will drive more traffic to your site. This is an effective and affordable way to increase traffic to your website and boost sales.

How many employees do you have? If you are a small business with one employee then you probably don’t need a content strategist. However, if you have a larger business with several employees then you may want to consider hiring one. Content specialists are much less expensive than hiring additional employees and can help to boost business profits and marketability when used in the correct manner.

How much social media traffic do you receive? If you don’t have a solid social media presence then you really need a content strategist on your team. Many content specialists are able to leverage Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets to provide your website with content that will drive traffic. They can even write articles, blog posts, and even viral videos to promote your content and attract more customers to your website.

What are your goals? Before you hire a content strategist, it is important that you sit down and map out your goals. Are you trying to generate leads, build a customer base, build partnerships, or gain exposure? Once you have determined your goals, you can start to develop a strategy that will help you reach each of these goals. A content specialist can help you achieve your online business goals and get you on the path to success.


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