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By: Anna, Director social media management business Socialista Media.

Beauty businesses often rely on Instagram and social media to grow their client base and encourage sales. Below are 7 tips you can follow to ensure that your beauty business thrives both on and offline.

  • Give your followers value. This will not only place you as an expert in your field, which will draw in clients, but will also encourage new followers. Share tips, create how to videos, answer their questions, advise them. If people can trust you to help, they are so much more likely to invest in you and your service/product.
  • Engage intentionally. More than a ‘this is nice’, make sure you engage in a meaningful way, leaving business stamps all over your Instagram feed! If you like someone’s post, comment! If you would like to see it again, save it. Double tap. Genuine engagement is not only super helpful for someone’s own page, but starting a friendly non pressured, conversation will help you engage with new potential customers.
  • It’s time to start creating Reels & showing your followers that you are current, creative and invested in making your page the best it can be. Reels are Instagram hottest engagement platform, so make sure you are reeling!
  • Give your followers personality. They like your brand and they like YOU. People are much more willing to invest when they know who’s bank their money is ending up in.
  • Go live with someone who has a similar audience to you. Buddy up, it’s likely their followers would enjoy following you too!
  • Influencers are a great tool to use to grow your page and maximise your reach, but ensure you do your research and that their followers align with your brand.
  • Create scroll stopping content. Use memes and infographics that are attractive to look at, funny and will encourage your followers to share. Creating interesting content that’s shareable, relatable and exciting will draw in followers that will turn into your ideal clients.

Strive to build your platform organically, pushing for growth on a daily basis but enjoying the journey too. Keep social with social media and watch your Instagram profile, and your business grow.

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