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Tips on customer behaviours to remember Post Covid19

by gbaf mag
By Joanna Swash, Chief Executive Officer, Money penny
1.     People value human interaction  Call duration has increased during lockdown. Largely due to callers  craving human interaction however life after lockdown might see call durations and volumes return to normal but our desire for meaningful human interaction will remain
2.     Treat callers as individuals 59% of people calling businesses consider being treated as an individual as more important than how quickly their needs were met or an issue resolved. During a pandemic the need to be heard is more important and the businesses that do it well will be remembered for it
Tips on customer behaviours to remember Post Covid19 Longer interactions provide more customer insights  It is possible to gauge appetite for a certain product offering, improve the understanding of audience segments and to tailor products and services accordingly. Real people can show interest, empathy and urgency stand out and make callers feel important and valued.
Live Chatters tend to discuss their circumstances more openly. It seems that the acts of typing rather than talking is liberating and presents a significant opportunity to improve customer understanding and nurture prospects through the sale cycle
4.     Don’t underestimate the power of the phone for new bus Despite a boom in the use of social media to contact businesses the telephone still remains the most important communication method for customers to connect with businesses in the UK. 43% of UK businesses say phone calls are even more important during lockdown
5.     People want reassurance and expertise Even after lockdown some uncertainty will continue and reassurance comes from being accessible and efficient at all times of the night and day
6.     Respond to customers promptly People are inherently impatient and as lockdown restrictions are eased, clients will go back to expecting quick responses to their enquiries and calls. As enquiry levels increase and the world adapts to the new normal it will be vital for SME’s to have the resource in place to cope

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