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UK tech startup Temporall announces funding round from UK VC

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  • UK tech innovator Temporall secures seven figure funding from UK-based VC Luminous Ventures
  • Announces Blue Prism as a client; delivering pro bono programme to support Anthony Nolan – the charity that saves the lives of people with blood cancer
  • Commits to 4x employee growth plan through 2022 – hiring two new senior tech leaders this week; 10 hires already this quarter
  • Building a global partner ecosystem; two premium partnerships announced in May
  • Establishing a new technology category set for mainstream global demand within next five years.

UK tech startup Temporall, founded by a former Google global director, has developed a world class AI and analytics-based platform to give key performance insights to leadership teams. The company has announced a £1m seed+ funding round from UK-based VC Luminous Ventures today.

Temporall’s recent momentum has been exceptional considering the current climate, with two new premium partnerships announced last month, along with two new senior tech hires. This expanding partner ecosystem is accelerating growth. Temporall is forecasting 900% revenue growth FY20 – FY22. Customers include Google, Blue Prism, Rakuten, Dyson, Anthony Nolan and XL Media.

Temporall Founder and CEO Thomas Davies:

“The momentum in our business has come at the right time. We’ve worked closely with customers and partners to help them make sense of their own organisational performance. Now, under the most challenging market conditions in living memory, the value provided by our Workbench platform has been proven. This is allowing us to invest in our team, our technology and our growth strategy.

We’re tackling a global leadership problem that has actually been accentuated by the pandemic. All businesses have problems to solve and opportunities to pursue. But if the leadership team doesn’t have a clear picture of what’s happening within their own organisation, it makes it very difficult to get things done. This ‘partial insight’ causes strategies to fail and risk to be magnified. That’s why I started Temporall – to bring clarity to leaders. We help leadership teams understand where they are, what to do next and in what order.” 

Viewpoints from Temporall Customers & Partners:

Anthony Nolan (pro bono): Henny Braund, Chief Executive of Anthony Nolan says:

“We are happy to be working with Temporall to help deliver an Organisational Resilience Index. It is important for us to understand how colleagues are thinking and feeling – so much has changed about the way we work in such a short space of time. Temporall’s software will allow us to show us where we are already working well and how we can improve in the future. We are being guided throughout the process. Temporall have listened and adapted to our requirements and we are looking forward to understanding our organisation better.”

MMT Digital: James Cannings, Founder explains: “Successfully delivering an agile transformation strategy is incredibly complex, but we help companies make sense of it. Delivering our Agile Maturity Index on Temporall’s Workbench platform has enabled us to bring an incredible product to market in a very short space of time. Workbench is a world-leading SaaS platform for ongoing insight creation, measurement and analysis of a company’s agile transformation. Any company that is serious about their digital transformation will benefit from the way it combines quantitative and qualitative data, AI-based sentiment analysis and an understanding of unstructured conversations within the organisation.”

New Premium Partners Confirmed:

  • TCC – experts in financial services, TCC has used Workbench to develop solutions that enhance regulatory compliance
  • MMT Digital – with broad sector expertise, MMT have worked with Temporall to define new cross-industry solutions

Recent Hires:

  • Rune Bentien – former manager at Google, Rune brings a combination of technical expertise and a highly entrepreneurial approach to delivering outcomes for clients 
  • Xen Lategan – having held roles as CTO at News International and EVP at Fox Corporation, Xen brings an ambitious, strategic approach to technology development.

Quotes from Temporall advisors:

London Business School professor Julian Birkinshaw – a global expert in the strategy and organisation of large corporation, Board advisor to Temporall:

“Temporall has identified that in most organisations, leaders undertake their decision making without a current or complete insights about the things they are trying to change. It is particularly problematic as business moves faster and becomes more digitised – something that has been highlighted by the global pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, I believed that the organisational intelligence Temporall provides was important in changing the way organisations are run. This crisis has now had a profound impact in accelerating this need.”

Izzy Fox, Co-Managing Partner of Luminous Ventures, Council Member Innovate UK and Board advisor to Temporall:

“Historically in the tech sector, we have seen innovation thrive, and forward-thinking businesses accelerate, following major disruption moments. The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest such upheaval in almost a century. It has accentuated the need for organisations to be resilient, and to have real clarity on what’s happening across their own workforce. Temporall’s organisational intelligence platform – Workbench – answers this need. We believe it will change the way leadership teams make decisions, and it’s why we have built a seven figure seed+ fund structure with Temporall.”

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